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Galeria - Akira Kurosawa

Por Victor Bruno

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The following directors either were directly influenced by Kurosawa, or greatly admired his work:

* Andrei Tarkovsky[26][27]
* Ingmar Bergman[28] - "Now I want to make it plain that The Virgin Spring must be regarded as an aberration. It's touristic, a lousy imitation of Kurosawa."[29]
* Federico Fellini[30] - Having only seen Seven Samurai from Kurosawa's oeuvre, he still thought Kurosawa was the "the greatest living example of what an author of the cinema should be."[31]
* Bernardo Bertolucci - "Kurosawa's movies and La Dolce Vita, Fellini, are the things that pushed me sucked into being a film director."[32]
* Robert Altman[33][34]
* Sidney Lumet - "Kurosawa never affected me directly in terms of my own movie-making because I never would have presumed that I was capable of that perception and that vision."[35]
* Sam Peckinpah - "I'd like to be able to make a Western like Kurosawa makes Westerns."[36]
* Roman Polanski[37]
* Steven Spielberg[38] - "the pictorial Shakespeare of our time"[39]
* Martin Scorsese[38] - "His influence on filmmakers throughout the entire world is so profound as to be almost incomparable."[39]
* George Lucas[21][38]
* Francis Ford Coppola[40] - "One thing that distinguishes Akira Kurosawa is that he didn't make a masterpiece or two masterpieces, he made, you know, eight masterpieces."[41]
* Zhang Yimou - "Other filmmakers have more money, more advanced techniques, more special effects. Yet no one has surpassed him."[42]
* John Milius[43]
* Takeshi Kitano - "...the ideal definition of cinema: a succession of perfect images. And Kurosawa is the only director who has attained that."[44]
* John Woo[45][46] - "I love Kurosawa’s movies, and I got so much inspiration from him. He is one of my idols and one of the great masters"[47]
* Werner Herzog[48] - "Of the filmmakers with whom I feel some kinship Griffith, Murnau, Pudovkin, Buñuel and Kurosawa come to mind. Everything these men did has the touch of greatness."[49]
* Antoine Fuqua[50]
* Alex Cox[51]
* Arthur Penn[52][53]
* Sergio Leone

Caramba, fantásticas imagens.

Olhe a sinopse dos filmes dele e veja a profundidade quase gritante.

E quanta gente fala bem de Kurosawa, de Felini à Spielberg.

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